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We understand the importance of speed - especially when launching new products and designing impactful campaigns. Our team relies on proven best-practices across different social sites to deliver quick, effective and creative campaigns (yes -these qualities can coexist!)

Content Generation

Our writing has appeared on Mashable, TheNextWeb, and BBC. Talk to us about creating engaging and sharable content.


Twitter Marketing

This is your best bet for connecting directly with consumers and thought leaders in real time. Let us find the opportunities. Also, our team has been rumored to dream in hashtags.


Content Distribution

The two main components in social are finding and sharing. We make sure your content is appropriately placed in the proper channels by turning posts .into events.



You need to know progress of your campaigns so we make sure each Account Manager is trained in a variety of analytics - including metrics we've built ourselves!


Advanced Strategies

We love tackling new online channels. Expect the SocialKaty team to always be making revisions to your strategy so your content stays relevant . We'll tell you where it makes sense to participate.

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